Sub Pop Records Joins Nordstrom Walk of Fame

The Nordstrom Men’s Blog covered the Sub Pop Records event, for which I worked on the interactive touch/video experience. [View the project in the Portfolio section.]


Projection mapping onto moving surfaces

Lifehacker: How J.G. Quintel Works

“The Regular Show” is pretty much genius, and J.G. is a good guy, solely for his love of Rush and 80s culture.

Fast Co: How Shell is Fostering Innovation With Meditation

Adaptive Path: What makes a design technologist?

This is an older post, but it’s a title I’m surprised I haven’t heard used often, despite the fact that it seems like a sensible title for a certain kind of prototype developer.

Nature Trail: Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

An LED experience created by Jason Bruges Studio to create a calming environment for children who are on their way into surgery.

Future Self

The dancing stuff is a little silly, frankly. But seeing the representation of form in 3-dimensional light is fantastic.

Patterned by Nature

Incredibly cool exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. 10 feet wide and 90 feet in length, this sculptural ribbon has 3600 tiles of LCD glass with nature soundtracks and animations created by varying the transparency of the glass panes.


I Heart Gotham

“I Heart Gotham” by Bruce Yan. Screen print available at Ltd. Art Gallery

Cylinder Studio project featured in course

I recently learned that a piece from the Cylinder portfolio, the Unitus Annual Report interactive presentation, was featured in coursework on the online training site,

In’s course titled “InDesign CS5: Interactive Documents and Presentations,” the Unitus Annual Report was shown as a case study for building interactive Flash presentations right from InDesign documents.

You can see it here. Look under “Trends in Digital Design” > Annual Report Case Study: Unitus.

You can see the annual report here.

As an aid to education and fundraising, this multimedia version of the printed Unitus Annual Report was developed in 2009 using the Adobe InDesign-to-Flash export format in order to closely match the print version of the report.