Nordstrom 2014 Anniversary Sale Photo Kiosk (“Shoefie”)

The Social Media team at Nordstrom engaged my team to create an interactive experience to promote the 2014 Anniversary Sale. The primary goal was to allow customers to take a series of photos of their shoes that they could not easily replicate using their own smartphone or tablet device, and then quickly retrieve the resulting photo collage and share it on social media. To that end, we created a photo application running as a Chrome extension with a 1080p webcam and 7″ touch display all built-into a custom enclosure and supported by two deployed web applications.

The webcam installed at the base of the enclosure assisted the user in positioning their feet where the user could trigger a timed series of four photos. The tiled composite images created by the experience were handed off to a remote NodeJS application that handled two API services: storage on Google Drive for access by the Social Media team for promotional purposes, and URLs for the images stored in a MongoDB as retrieval references for the Twilio service. (Another deployed “fallback” NodeJS application reported errors to users if the primary application was temporarily unavailable or the Twilio service failed.) When both API processes reported success (which over the life of the experience never took more than 1.5 seconds), a resulting tiled composite of the four images was presented to the user for retrieval via texting a unique ID to a Twilio short code via MMS.

Two “Shoefie” experiences were deployed during the anniversary sale — one to the Downtown Flagship store, and the other to Bellevue Square — both of which received high use and no downtime. One of the experiences was also moved and used for the Nordstrom Designer Preview event with great success.

The Shoefie kiosk received a great deal of positive word-of-mouth inside the company after the Anniversary sale and will be used for several more company events and promotions. In October 2014, we deployed the kiosk to the flagship store in downtown Seattle and then the Bellevue Mall location during in-store appearance events for Ivanka Trump. They will also be used for Holiday 2014 Rewards events at those locations.

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