Seattle Music Project Touch Window

The Seattle Music Project was a store window display project by the Visual Merchandising Group at Nordstrom. In partnership with the EMP and using content from Gibson Guitars, photographer Lance Mercer and other contributors, the window featured imagery and artifacts from the Seattle music scene from the 1960s to the present day.

As a member of the Emerging Media group of Nordstrom Direct, we created a touch experience that featured imagery in a horizontally scrolling timeline which triggered songs that played in the exterior speakers and switched DMX spotlights that focused on various items in the window. The touch experience was rear-projected onto a touch-enabled film mounted to the interior of the window.

We designed the experience, the interface, curated content, and consulted on, performed and maintained the installation throughout it’s month-long run in the Pine & 6th corner window of Nordstrom’s flagship store.

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